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Almost all of our antiques are being restored or touched up before shipping the pieces over from various contries in Asia.
A lot of work has been put into these pieces and sometimes people don’t realize what has happened to their beloved piece before they bought it.

It’s never easy restoring historical pieces. It is a balanced skill between making the piece authentic but at the same time making it look clean and fresh. Some like it rough and slightly touched-up, others like it smooth and more contemporary finished. All depending on the purpose, the environment and of course the person buying it. The Chinese repairsmen respect the ancient techniques that have been used for decades. They don’t use nails, screws, staples or any other advance techniques.

In some cases the infrastructure of a piece of furniture can be changed around. For example a grainchest usually opens up from the top, but for more practical uses the restorator can decide to close up the top and add door panels to the front of the piece so that it becomes a more utilizable cupboard. The added door panels can derive from a different piece of furniture or any other old pieces of wood, always keeping in mind to apply this with the use of ancient techniques.